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OpenRefine: Reconcile, Extend, & Publish

...  on OpenRefine continues with instruction from expert Tom Morris. Over two weeks we ...  by key/value creates columns for each tag.  We use OpenRefine’s API to find matching names for our authors through the Freebase ...  the second half of class we test our knowledge of OpenRefine transformation techniques by working on Christine Eslao’s ...

OpenRefine in Action: Working with Strings

OpenRefine has already proved a valuable tool in the workplace. Days after Tom’s ...  hadn’t missed Lynn Cherney’s Excel training!) OpenRefine handled the import much better. Data lined up in neat columns, and ...  experimented, and used ‘Undo’ a lot.  I found in OpenRefine Recipes an example where split and join were used to extract and ...

Learning to OpenRefine: Faceting and Clustering

...  (@tfmorris on Twitter) gave the class an introduction to OpenRefine. As is often the case with learning a new technology and using it on ...  doing problem solving as parts of a team. The Software OpenRefine (Wikipedia page) is an open source data cleaning application.  It ...

DST4L Feedback Session

...  for me. I’ve already used (and recommended to others) OpenRefine for data clean-up and transformation projects. It’s possible I ...  in Python, regular expression challenges, linked data in OpenRefine) greater exposure to pymarc The scope of topics for the course was ...

Web Scraping 101

...  to accomplish this task, the focus of the class was on OpenRefine and Python. Before starting on OpenRefine, we explored elements of a web page by using “Inspect ...

Course Details

...  Advanced Topics Technologies Unix Shell, Git, Python, OpenRefine, Excel * D3, R, Tableau PDF extraction, JSON/XML wrangling, HTML ...  simple ml/naive bayes, static viz, dynamic viz, OpenRefine and tools, Excel spreadsheet usage, basic ...

Summing Up

...  user interfaces) to get you started. Tableau and OpenRefine are two powerful desktop applications that allow you to do some ...

ekansaEric Kansa
RT @libcce: #idcc14 see poster on Data Scientist Training for Librarians #dst4l later today to see how we might train librarians for the fu…
2 months ago
libcceChris Erdmann
#idcc14 see poster on Data Scientist Training for Librarians #dst4l later today to see how we might train librarians for the future.
2 months ago
vmdbksVernica Downey
At first, I was joking when I tweeted yesterday about formatting my #DST4L presentation as an infographic.
2 months ago
RT @john_overholt: A crucial lesson for librarians (and everybody) #DST4L
2 months ago
libcceChris Erdmann
PyXLL makes it possible to write addins for Microsoft Excel in Python. Might be of interest to #DST4L tweeps?
2 months ago
libcceChris Erdmann
Of interest to #DST4L crowd? MT We're making a free, CC e-book to explain data in simple language. #DataMadeSimple
2 months ago