Are you in DST4L? Can I see your badge?

On Thursday, James Turk visited us to talk about his work with the Sunlight Foundation. He stayed for a full 2 hours to discuss everything from why he prefers programming in Python to the challenges he has faced working with government data. I’ll stop there and let Jennifer cover his visit in her next blog post. I just wanted to thank James for speaking at DST4L!

At the end of our class, I introduced the badge for DST4L (see below). When I was brainstorming the course with Louise Rubin, we thought it would be a fun idea to offer a badge to all the course participants. Besides working on group projects which all of us will present closer to the end of the course, the badge is something extra special that participants can post in various ways to demonstrate they’ve taken this course.

A local artist, Dirk Tiede, created the badge based on our conversations. The librarian in the badge is loosely based on Nancy Pearl, who if you are a librarian, you will know who I am talking about. Every librarian should have a Nancy Pearl action figure on their desk, with automatic shooshing action and a GI Joe Kung Foo Grip for books. In the image, the heroine data scientist librarian is armed with a one as a spear and a zero as a shield, ready to do battle with data! Thanks to Dirk for designing such a cool badge!

DST4L Badge


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