Visual Astronomy Display: April 2016

Visual Astronomy Display for April 2016


  • NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory, orbiting 1 million miles from Earth captures a mind blowing view of a solar eclipse;
  • Scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center use slight fluctuations in satellite orbits to map the gravity field of Mars, providing insights into the planet’s crustal thickness and deep interior;
  • We talk a lot about colonizing Mars… but what about Venus? SciShowSpace examines the possibilities of exploring Venus with airships;
  • The Wolbach Library is seeking funding to launch a CubeSat into orbit in order to fully understand the lifetime of space data, from creation to distribution;
  • With the first day of spring recently behind us, Joe Hanson from PBS’ It’s Okay to be Smart Deep asks the question, what is an Equinox?; and
  • Even the darkest sky is not completely dark thanks to zodiacal light. Astronomers at ESO’s observatories talk about their encounters with this natural light phenomenon.

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