Visual Astronomy Display: January 2017

Visual Astronomy Display for January 2017


  • When Jocelyn Bell Burnell first discovered a pulsar in 1967, she wasn’t sure what to make of them. SciShowSpace explains how scientists figured out what they were and how they worked;
  • Lettuce is growing on board the International Space Station once again;
  • A new statistical study of planets suggests that Neptune-mass worlds are likely the most common type of planet to form in the icy outer realms of planetary systems;
  • Have you ever wondered why the phrase “light year” describes a distance? Find out in a video from CSIRO;
  • NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office is working to keep Earth safe from asteroids and other hazards that come from deep space, and;
  • NASA shares the top 16 images of Earth taken from space from 2016.

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