Visual Astronomy Display: January 2018

Happy New Year!



  • Look back at 2017 with This Year @NASA, the Top 17 Images of Earth From Space, and Goddard’s Year in Review;
  • Then, look forward with JPL’s What’s Up for January 2018, ESA’s 2018 Preview, and NASA’s 2018 To Do List;
  • SciShow Space takes us to the Kuiper Belt as they explore scattered disc objects;
  • Explore Black Holes with Minute Physics;
  • NASA begins building the next Mars Rover mission; and
  • Learn how OSIRIS-Rex is using a gravity slingshot to make it’s way to Bennu, a near Earth asteroid.

Katie Frey

Katie Frey leads the development of the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus, a community supported linked data vocabulary for sorting, filtering, and exploring astronomical literature, data sets, images, etc.

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