Visual Astronomy Display: June 2016

Visual Astronomy Display for June 2016


  • On May 16th, elementary school students at St. Thomas More Cathedral School watched the St. Thomas More (STM)Sat-1, the first CubeSat built by elementary school students, deploy from the International Space Station;
  • As Mars neared opposition (the time when it would be closest to the Earth during its orbit), the Hubble Space Telescope snapped images of the Red Planet, giving researchers a global view;
  • The transit of Mercury occurred on Monday May 9th, and this month’s playlist has a few highlight videos of the celestial event;
  • NASA is working with farmers and conservation groups along the western coast of the United States to provide temporary, short-term, “pop-up” wetlands habitats for millions of migrating shorebirds;
  • This month Phil Plait teaches us about Brown Dwarfs and Low Mass Stars in his Astronomy Crash Course series.

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