Visual Astronomy Display: March 2018


  • This month’s Physics Crash Course videos look at kinetic energy and thermodynamics;
  • Why can’t we see the Apollo lunar landers from Earth, even using using our most powerful telescopes or the Hubble Space Telescope?;
  • NASA studies unusually warm Arctic water, with sea ice levels reaching record lows in several areas of the Arctic;
  • In December 2016, Curiosity’s drill began having problems, but engineers have devised a new method for drilling on the Red Planet; and
  • Have you ever seen a planet orbiting a star in an extrasolar system? After watching Ariel Waldman’s video this month, you have!

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Katie Frey

Katie Frey leads the development of the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus, a community supported linked data vocabulary for sorting, filtering, and exploring astronomical literature, data sets, images, etc.

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