Visual Astronomy Display: September 2017

Visual Astronomy Display for September 2017


  • Annie Jump Cannon, a pioneering and record-setting astronomer at a time when women couldn’t even vote, is featured at My Girl Heroes;
  • Even though we know a lot about Mars, the Red Planet still holds many mysteries, SciShowSpace explains;
  • Cassini gears up for its final mission, a dive into the ringed planet on September 15;
  • This week’s Physics Crash Course videos explain Rotational Motion and Torque;
  • From a million miles away, NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) captured 12 images of the moon’s shadow over North America on August 21, 2017; and
  • Jim Ingalls from the Spitzer Space Center discusses the biggest technical challenges overcome by his team.

Bonus Videos…

  • Voyager: 40 Years in Space,” Alan Cummings celebrates the anniversary of the spacecraft’s 1977 launch, held at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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