About the Workshop

How can we transform our spaces to draw patrons in and engage them in new and innovative ways? This is one of the more pressing questions libraries are asking themselves as they try to transform their services for the 21st century patron. “Everything is online!” is a response we hear from our patrons often, so libraries are left wondering, how can we bridge the divide between the physical and the virtual via our spaces? One way libraries are bridging the divide is through the exploration of interactive, gesture-based systems. However, these systems often remain in beta form, never fully developed, to be used in real life scenarios within the suite of library services. They often remain as sideshows within libraries and their true value is never realized.

This workshop aims to bring the work of libraries in this area out front, to brainstorm and discuss new functionalities, applications and services around these gesture-based systems, and to compile a list of requirements for developers interested in building solutions for our community. The end result, we hope, is that libraries and developers will be able to come together as a community and sponsor solutions for all libraries to use.