Day 1

11:00 AM

Radcliffe Gym

Registration & Welcome

To register for the workshop, please see the link on the Liberact home page. Doors will open at 11:00 to welcome workshop attendees. A light lunch will be served by Crimson Catering from 11:00-12:15.  

12:30 PM

Radcliffe Gym


Interactive Petting Zoo

Workshop attendees will be provided with a mixture of hands-on demonstrations and presentations of an assortment of gesture-based software and devices from developers at companies and academic institutions. See the Featured Projects page for more information. Also, we will break during the session for coffee, tea and snacks. served by Crimson Catering.  

05:30 PM

Radcliffe Gym

End of Day

Attendees will break for the day.
Day 2

09:00 AM

Radcliffe Gym


You will hear from projects that are exploring the possibilities of interacting with information in new ways, particularly in the library setting. The presentations, coupled with the previous day's hands-on demonstrations of interactive displays, will provide a starting point for the brainstorming discussions later in the day.

12:00 PM

Radcliffe Gym


Signature tote bag lunches with beverages will be provided to attendees by Crimson Catering.

01:00 PM

Radcliffe Gym


After a brief introduction, participants will break up into groups to brainstorm what functionality they think should be developed in interactive library applications. The ideas can range from annotation to visualization. At the conclusion of the brainstorming session, groups will formulate their top ideas into requirements which should be easily understood by a developer.

02:30 PM

Radcliffe Gym


Coffee, tea and snacks will be served by Crimson Catering.

03:00 PM

Radcliffe Gym

Report Back & Discuss

Groups will report back after brainstorming ideas and requirements for library interactive software. A discussion will follow on what requirements would be best.

04:00 PM

Radcliffe Gym

Compile List of Requirements

Build preferred requirements list, determine level of support from attendees and construct report to be published to workshop website.

05:00 PM

Radcliffe Gym

End of Day

Workshop ends.